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System C


Outline Specification

A cleaning process using hydraulics to lift wheeled bins. Either two 360lt (two wheels) or one 1280lt (four wheels) bins at one time.

The process

At a press of a button the bin lift is lowered by hydraulic power. The bin or bins are placed in position for the teeth of the lift to grab the bins. Using the up button  to lift the bins into the van. You will then open the side door of the van and enter.

Start the engine with an easy pull cord. You will now start to clean the bin using the pressured water, the dirt will drop onto a filter and the water will go through the filter through a wire mesh basket then through a grease trap filter making its way to a stainless steel bath. In the bath is a water/sludge pump, which will pump the water back into the main  water tank.

Once the bin is cleaned walk to the back of the van and lower the bin using the button and the hydraulic lift will lower the bins onto the floor.  Spray the bin with disinfectant  before putting the bin into its resting place.

The Building Process

Your van is taken to a line X company who rubber coats the floor and walls of the van making it water tight and easy to clean.

We then build the stainless steel bath, grease filter wire basket and hydraulic lift. 

The pressure washer is a hand pull start which produces 21lts of water per minute which is ample for cleaning bins. the cleaning process takes around 5mins depending on how dirty the bins are.

The pressure washer is bolted to the floor of the van and sits on rubber anti-vibration stoppers. We build an exhaust which is taken out of the van.

The van is fitted with a heater which can be plugged into an outside plug. The heater is used in winter to stop the freezing of pipes up to minus 5 degrees.

The 650lt water tank is sercure to the van, it is baffled with a vented lid. The water is piped from the tank to the pump with a return flow pipe and a filtered suction pipe. The water tank is fitted with a release valve for a quick relase of effluent which is relased into a mains drain.

On the walls are handles for securing shovels and brushes.

This system is currently used by who are able to clean up to 120 four wheeled bins per day with two operators. An average price of a bin clean is £16.00 which in a day totals £1920.00

We have done extensive reseach onto mobile cleaning equipment to clean four wheeled bin. and found the manual system is faster and more effective at cleaning than the automated systems that cost in excessive of £150,000.00.

The Whole Process

When we take delivery of your van to the time it is delivered or picked up is 10 - 12 weeks.

The Cost

We build the system from scratch and cost £35,000.00. A deposit of £29,000 is needed with the other £6000.00 to be paid on the delivery date.(van not included in the price).

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