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System B


System B is probably the best bin cleaning product in the world. Hundreds of hours have been spent perfecting this quality wash system for the specific purpose of cleaning bins.


Sick and tired of using cleaning systems that spend more time being repaired than in action spurred us to team up with the highly-regarded British design company, to create ABC Wash Systems. Their background in designing special purpose equipment and experience of working with world-renowned organisations such as British Aerospace, meant they were the ideal choice for us.

ABC Wash Systems are brilliant in their simplicity and we have designed them to be speedy, thorough and easy to use. Most bins can be cleaned in less than a minute.

System B is designed to fit a Ford Transit 260 SWB. We do not fit system B equipment into any other vehicle other than a Ford Transit SWB.

Wheelie bins are loaded into the toughened, fracture-resistant cleaning compartment, where they can be fully rotated to ensure every surface of the bin and lid can be reached using a hand-held power jet washer. Waste water is collected, filtered and pumped back to an innovative recycling unit where it can be reused. The construction is designed to flex with van movement without cracking and the water tank is securely fastened to the floor to ensure safety in the event of a road accident. 

The design allows operators to empty the water tank using a drain outlet. By using the flexi-hose provided it is easy for operators to be fully compliant with local water authorities by disposing of waste water at an approved point*.

Please check out the different colours by clicking the link then press back to return to this website. The default colour is grey. Other colours are optional extras. see price list below.


System B Specification Features


Large and efficient work area holds two 240lt or Two 360lt bin. Fully flexible rugged urethane rubber coating completely seals the work area handling surfaces, bars and filter plates are made from stainless steel.

Two quartz-halogen waterproof lights with rubber armour, giving bright shadow free illumination of the work area improving wash quality and productivity, especially during winter. 

Advanced water recycling system with high volume fivefold filtration system and 12V electric transfer pump.

Top quality European high-pressure pump matched with Honda engine gives a reliable pressure wash system designed for rigorous operation day in, day out.

Engine has exhaust to outside of the vehicle and is CE marked for safety, including noise decibel levels.

Gun and Lance with holder. Includes twin angle spray head with selectable 15 and 40 degree fan angles.

Switch panel at workstation with engine electric start, lights, and electric pump control.

Door stays prevent doors slamming into the operator in windy conditions.

Sanitise spray bottle and holder. Bag holder Shovel and holder.

Waste water outlet with flexi-hose and easy access for emptying.

15 disposable media filter  pads and 5lt disinfectant included.

400 litre one-piece moulded water tank eliminates internal crevices and weld failures. Internal spray nozzle system for fast tank cleaning.

500W Electric Heater. Keeps the water pump from cracking in the winter and allows the system to be frost free upto minus 7 degrees

Roof Vent allows continuoes air flow stops overheating in the summer months, it also means the sude door can be closed while cleaning bins and reduces noise levels.

Rear doors and side compartment non slip spray help keep the van clean prolongs wear and tear.


Fully Fitted into your Ford Van 260 SWB £7900.00 no VAT. (not including the van)    


System B Presentation



All equipment is warranted for 90 days against manufacturing defects. Wear and tear through normal use or misuse is excluded for hoses and lances. This is a returns based warranty where items will be repaired or replaced. In the event of failure after 90 days, the system can be repaired by returning to us or by using a local repair service listed in the manual.



Ray Salisbury Testimonial

ABC Bin Cleaning have taken bin cleaning to a new level. We purchased 'SYSTEM B'  earlier in the year as they promised to offer us a much improved system on what we already had. We wasn't disappointed. They have tried to think of everything to make a 'Bin Cleaners' day go smoother. Its great we can now clean 2 bins at once which saves us valuable minutes throughout the day. Our vehicle was professionally kitted out to a high standard and the neoprene finish really adds to whole look of the system. They seem to have ironed out all the problems we had with other systems we had purchased in the past. Everything down to the heater  they installed helps to keeps the system warm in winter to stop it freezing, which is something we never had before.  Apart from the system itself, we always get a friendly  customer service and look forward to doing business with them in the future.

KING OF THE BINS  13th December 2010


Scott Parkman Testimonial

I have been cleaning bins for over 10 years and always used a green clean bin cleaning system.

I was looking for something that was more reliable and faster than what I had. After seeing the  Auto bin cleaning website, I contact Laurence and was impressed with system A & B I decieded on system B because I wanted the extra benefits. I ask for video clips of the cleaning process and pictures, these were sent immediately and by what I could see the system looked impressive.

I have since bought system B and my cleaning time is faster and I have reduced my hours by 10 hours per week, cleaning the same amount of bins. The Honda engine is reliable and the cleaning power is effective. System B is far superior to what I had used before.

 I am delighted I made the change to Auto bin cleaning system B and recommend them to new starts or existing cleaners 


Scott Parkman

Dorset, England  March 2013


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