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Business Start Up

Starting any business can be daunting, but with a helping hand anyone can be their own boss.

Start your own business with the help of Auto Bin Cleaning.

Sign up for the ABC two day course.

The course includes:

How to Market Successfully

How to manage data and customers efficiently

How to grow a business from a standing start

Plus two days of practical help and support

Start the right way by getting help from people in the field.

Sign up now to start – grow – and become successful business person.

For a complete detail of the two day course email or phone 01875616009


The course will cover:

  1. Legalities of cleaning bins
  2. Researching your area for the best gross potential
  3. Marketing and sales
  4. Pricing structure
  5. Domestic vs Commercial (customers)
  6. Cleaning Bins (practical)
  7. Administration (practical) ‘Paper vs Internet’
  8. Taking care of your equipment (practical)
  9. How to take payments by Credit/Debit Card and Direct Debit Payments

 The two day course cost £495.00

For details of the two day course Phone: 01875 616 009 or email:




Business Growth

So you have started your business and it's all going well but you have got stuck in a rut and you are now struggling to progress.

Then this course is designed for you.

The Initial assessment is FREE just email with the words "help me grow my business".

In return you will receive a questionnaire to help us attain where you are at the present time.

You will receive a two day plan tailored to help your business progress.

This will include a proposal of what will be achieved over the two days.


The first few steps are free so you have nothing to lose email 



Business Administration

So most bin cleaning company's like cleaning bins but dislike doing the administration. 

Does the above sentance describe you? Here is the service for you - Business Adminstration

Firstly will set you up with a customer data package.  Your customer information can be entered into the new data package which will give your customer there own unique reference number.

The new data package has many functions here is a list of some of them:-

A list of all your cleans on a daily basis with all the customer information. This is accessed by a smart phone.

You will see data such as out standing payments, pre payments, the number of cleans to be cleaned and the number of cleans already done.

Invoicing is one of the many functions that the system has. You can also see at a glance the areas that have the most outstanding.

You will have your own customer enquiry telephone number which will be answered by one of our customer advisor team, which is availble  Monday to Friday. You may chose any area code, i.e 0141, 0207, 0208.etc.

When we take new customer details and send you the deatils via email.

Taking Payments

We willl help you set up a card payment system for debit and credit cards. We will then be able to take payments on your behalf which will go into your bank account.

We can help with setting up direct debit payments and Standing Orders.

For more details contact and ask "how do I get the business admin package".

Email to find out more.